What camera / lens do you use?

Take a look at this page where I list all of my camera equipment.

Did you really delete all the pictures from your Instagram account?

First of all thanks for following my work for a long time! And yes, I did delete 2+ years worth of posts from my Instagram account. You can still find most of those shots in my color section.

Why? Why???

I needed a fresh start. I had a lot of fun shooting all those pictures and traveling to all those places, but it wasn't my style. That's why I started over, to become the photographer I want to be.

Why film? Why???

Because it's cool, of course. But also, because I enjoy the process, I love my camera, it gives me a look and style I can't get with ditigal, I feel more inspired when I shoot film, and it makes me a better photographer in every sense.

This being said, I still shoot digital. But 95% of my new images are made on film.

Why B&W? Why???

Because I'm not trying to reproduce reality. Every image I make is an attempt at expressing myself and showing what that place, object, whatever, means to me. B&W is an excellent tool to achieve this.

Where should I go during my next visit to Oregon / Washington? Good drives / hikes?

It depends! Oregon and Washington are big, like really big. I've been here for 4 years, hiking and driving somewhere very often and I feel like I've only scratched the surface. But let's try. And remember, this is a list of the places I've been to, there are many more! (like the Wallowas in OR).

Must see places in Oregon, no hike required
Multnomah Falls, Cannon Beach, Bandon, Crater Lake National Park, Painted Hills, Smith Rock, Cape Kiwanda, Alvord Desert, Steens Mountain, Samuel H. Boardman State Park, Timberline Lodge, Trillium Lake.

Must see places in Oregon, hiking edition
Wahclella Falls (closed due to the Eagle Creek Fire), Tunnel Falls (closed due to the Eagle Creek Fire), Saddle Mountain, Cooper Spur, ZigZag Canyon, Tom Dick and Harry Mountain, Smith Rock (Misery Trail), South Sister (or the shorter version to Moraine Lake), Broken Top, Cottonwood Canyon.

Must see places in Washington, no hike required
Mt St Helens, Panther Creek Falls, Cape Dissappointment, La Push, Hurricane Ridge, Deception Pass, North Cascades National Park (Diablo Lake, Washington Pass), Winthrop, Leavenworth, Mt Rainier National Park, Mt Baker, Hoh Rainforest, Mountain Loop Highway.

Must see places in Washington, hiking edition
Dog Mountain, Falls Creek Falls, Second and Third Beach (Olympic National Park), Maple Pass (North Cascades National Park), Cascade Pass (North Cascades National Park), Norway Pass (Mt St Helens), Ancient Lakes, Goat Rocks Wilderness, Lake 22, Colchuck Lake, The Enchantments.

Do you sell prints?

I do! But I only have one at the moment. Take a look at the store page just in case I've added more and haven't updated this answer.