Crosswalks Magazine - "Interview with Adrian Vila"

Question 1: Where are you from? | Answer: “I'm from Galicia, in NW Spain.”

Question 2: Do you have a group of friends that you shoot with or do you preform alone? | Answer: “I usually shoot alone with my dog. I find it easier to focus when I'm by myself.”

Question 3: How long did it take you to understand the basics of photography? | Answer: “I feel that the technical aspects were pretty easy to understand because digital cameras let you experiment as much as you want "for free", and you get instant feedback. The creative part of photography was much harder and it took me much longer. In fact, it's something I think I'll be developing and working on for the rest of my life.”

Question 4: Who are a few photographers that you take inspiration from?
Answer: “I like to look at images that are different from mine, it helps me evolve as a photographer. I love street photography. There are a few individuals who inspire all the time I look at their images, though: Bill Brandt and Michael Kenna being the biggest ones.”

Question 5: How has photography influenced your overall lifestyle?
Answer: “It's changed everything: the way I approach life, the way I look at things, the way I travel, the way I love. Everything.”

Question 6: What’s the farthest you ever traveled for a trip?
Answer: “I've spent many, many hours in the car during the last few years. The longest road trip has to be the American Road Trip. I was on the road for 2 months and drove 10,000 miles all over the US. The farthest I've traveled (by car) for a single location was the Badlands National Park, in South Dakota, from Indiana, some 2,500 miles during 4 days of non-stop driving.”