Long Exposure Photography

How to make stunning images that defy time

Long Exposure Photography is a technique that allows photographers to distort reality, to depart from it, to create something new that doesn't necessarily exist, to find their own voice and offer a unique vision of the world.

You've probably taken a photo of a fast moving object, which appeared blurry on your picture. Maybe it was a car at night, or a dog running too fast for the settings of the camera. It was probably not intentional, either. You wanted to freeze that car, that dog.

Just imagine for a second what would happen if you exposed such a photo for a little bit longer. A shot of a busy street at night for a few seconds. Cars and people would be blurry.

What would happen if we kept the camera capturing the scene for 10, 20 or 30 seconds, though? Most certainly, you wouldn't be able to tell individual cars or persons.

What about 10 minutes? Or even longer, hours?

A whole new world opens to us, one that we can imagine but we can't see.

This book contains everything I know about Long Exposure Photography, both on digital and film.