the art and craft behind my prints


years on the making

For several years, I've travelled all across the United States and Canada photographing some of the most stunning and breathtaking landscapes in the world.

Photography has pushed me, every time farther than the previous one: I've climbed a volcano, I've fallen down sand dunes, I've hiked hundreds of miles, I've walked on frozen lakes, I've slipped down snowy slopes, I've backpacked alone to one of the most mangificient places I've ever seen, I've lost count of how many sunrises I've witnessed, I've found myself in the middle of snowstorms in the mountains, I've seen a total solar eclipse, I almost froze in the desert.

No matter how difficult or challenging a situation was, I always had a camera with me. I took amazing photos and videos; I made countless mistakes and came back with terrible imagery; I ruined cameras due to sand, rain and ice.

me and my camera in Zion, Utah


All of this was part of a learning process: over time, I developed my own vision, stopped taking photographs and started making images. With them, I try to show not the obvious but the hidden messages nature has for us.

I look forward to the adventures of the future. As an artist, my images will be always evolving and that's why I decided to release only the best of them, but a few times a year.


Having dinner up in the mountains

Climbing a volcano, South Sister, Oregon


photography as a craft

I make my images on film because I believe photography is not only an art but also a craft.

The moment I press the shutter is the culmination of days and weeks of hard planning and work. From exposures of a few milliseconds to several hours, light from my subjects reaches the emulsion and triggers chemicals reactions that record a brief moment in the history of the landscape.

Carrying a medium format film system to remote places is not an easy task, but one that is required in order for one of my images to be made.


Tripod and camera in Michigan City, Indiana

Shooting color (for fun) in Joshua Tree, California

Taking a long exposure in Mono Lake, California

The beautiful Oregon Dunes, near Coos Bay, Oregon


Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Mt St Helens, Washington

Fall in the Cascades, Oregon

Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon

Rocks formations of the South West, Sedona, Arizona


Grand Canyon, Arizona


after a long, handcrafted process, a print is born

The moment the shutter opens and the landscape is recorded on film is just the beginning of a long process I fully control that will eventually create a print.

developing and scanning

I develop and scan the film by myself. This allows me to carefully treat every frame as needed to create the negatives that better fit my vision for the images.

editing and post-processing

Once they've been developed, digitalized and post-processed, I wait several weeks / months before coming back to the photographs. Helped by peers, friends and family members, I consider only the ones we think are the best of my images.


test prints

At this point, the images are printed on premium matte paper and any potential imperfections are fixed. After further examination and editing, only one of them makes the cut and becomes an Image of the Month.

final print

The final image is printed at the highest quality on cotton fine art paper, and I make sure everything is perfect and neither the image nor the paper show any flaws.

The size of the image is 6x6 inches.

I do not offer any other sizes because these are intimate images that were created with a small size in mind.

the product

I sell two different products from this print that fully represent what I saw when I first pressed the shutter button.

  • A museum-style matted, ready-to-frame print. The size of the mat is 12x12 with an opening of 7.5x7.5, and the print is attached using plastic corners so no tape touches the print. The backing board is then hinged to the mat. This archival process makes it possible to remove the print from the mat.

  • A high-quality framed image. For those who want to fully follow my vision, I offer a framed version of the image using a high-quality, handpicked metal frame with real glass.

In both cases, and while the image is square and presented in a square frame and mat, the print is made on 8.5x11 paper and preserved as such inside the mat.


pricing and artist contract

Prints are offered at a discount for a month when they are released ($99 for the matted print and $149 for the framed print) and increased after 30 days ($149 for the matted print and $199 for the framed print).

Shipping is free, worldwide, from the US. You may be charged customs duties and taxes for this print.

They will be available for purchase at full price for one year. After that period of time, the print will either be retired or its price will be increased again.

There will be no discounts and these prints will not be on sale at any time in the future. The price during the first month will be the lowest asked for.


All purchases are covered a 14-day 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the print for any reason just return it. It must be in its original condition and shipping costs aren't covered.


If you have any questions about my prints, please get in touch!