American Road Trip Journal #7: Mt Hood


Last trip to Mt Hood! This one was a very special one for me.

You see, we don't have mountains like these where I grew up. I don't even know how far you'd have to drive to get to one that resembles what Mt Hood is. But a lot of hours, for sure.

Mt Wy'east (the indian, original name) defined what the real mountains are for me, already well in my 30's. And while I do wish I had spent more time in the mountains when I was younger, I think that witnessing such beauty for the first time "late" in life also made me appreciate it much, much more.

It was a trip to Utah that started my passion for photography, but Mt Hood (and the Columbia River Gorge) took it from a little spark to a huge fire. I spent countless hours driving around it, hiking it and photographing it.

I feel blessed I got to live so close to this beautiful mountain for 4 years, a mountain that will always have a place in my heart.

I'll be back.