Contact Sheet #51: Bronica + HP5


Roll 51

Film: HP5+ 400 rated at 800
Camera and lenses: Bronica SQ-Ai, 150mm f/4 and 250mm f/5.6
Developer: Kodak D76 1:1, 11 minutes at 24C
Scanner: Epson V600
Location: Portland, Columbia River Gorge and Mt Rainier Ntl Park

New contact sheet, more Bronica and more HP5! This time photos are from 3 different days and 3 different trips.

Photo #1 was taken in Portland from an AirBnB we got to spend a weekend with some family. It was at sunrise and the light was a bit crazy with all the smoke from the wildfires. I loved the way the tree looked through the courtains.

Photos #2 to #8 were taken from Cape Horn, in the Columbia River Gorge, 2 days after the Eagle Creek Fire went out of control. You can see a few fire spots in #6 and #8, on the Oregon side of the Gorge (pretty close to I-84, closed at that time). It was a very, very smoky morning. It was hard to breathe, and some people gathered at this view point were wearing masks. Visibility got much worse and I didn't feel comfortable anymore.

I liked the composition in #4 and #7, and I'm pleased with the results. On #6 and #8 I was trying to capture the small island surrounded by smoke, but it wasn't thick enough to hide the shore.

And finally, the last 4 photos were taken at Mt Rainier Ntl Park. #10 shows the actual mountain - it was a 7:30 long exposure.

The other 3 show the canyon where I was taking them from. When you have such a big mountain in front of you, it can be hard to find and focus on something else to photograph, so this was my attempt at capturing the landscape without including Mt Rainier itself.

All of them were taken with a red filter trying to gain some contrast over the hazy air (it was smoky there too).