How to create a contact sheet in Adobe Photoshop CC


Working on the post Shoot the scene, and then shoot it again, and again, I found out how to create contact sheets in Photoshop CC, and I wanted to share this "discovery" with you.

Contact Sheets are a very useful way to look at and share our work. They are the best way to show the thought process behind an image, the steps the photographer took to get to that composition.

To create one, we need to have our images in one folder. Open Photoshop and select File -> Automate -> Contact Sheet II.


This is on a Mac, but it should be pretty similar if not exactly the same on Windows.


The dialog that shows up will offer us quite a few options to customize our contact sheet. Select the folder where your images are, and then play with the number of rows and columns, the spacing between them, and to show or not the name.

It might take a while to process all the photos, but at the end you should have something like this:


To make it look like a traditional contact sheet, you can paint the background black and use a red brush to indicate which photos you selected from the set.

Hope this helped!