I just purchased $500 worth of film for the road trip of a lifetime


As you know if you follow this blog, I'll be on the road for the next few weeks as we road trip the west / southwest of the United States. And while I'm very excited about it, not having a permanent address will be a big challenge for me as a film photographer.

You see, you better have the film you think you're going to need with you before going through that door: it's not like you can expect to walk in a Walmart or Walgreens and find your favorite film stock on the shelf.

In my case, I don't really know how much film that would be. But I just got back from a small road trip (2 nights) to the North Cascades National Park and I shot 8 and a half rolls in those two days in the mountains.

Granted, I won't be shooting as much most of the time, not all places are as beautiful and breathtaking as the North Cascades after all. But 2-3 rolls a day wouldn't be crazy knowing myself.

9 weeks on the road, at 2-3 rolls a day... that's around 100 rolls of medium format film. So I went ahead and ordered that magic number today: 100 rolls or $500 worth of Ilford HP5+ are coming my way.

Update: unboxing of the 100 rolls!