My Bronica SQ-Ai kit: "What's in my camera bag", film edition

I recently uploaded this video where I talk about what is in my camera bag, but I also wanted to post something on the blog for those who prefer the written form.

I have a plain list with all I use, film and digital, here: my camera gear.

Note: every link is an affiliate link to either Amazon or eBay.

Camera bag

My camera bag is a Lowepro ProTactic 450AW. It's a solid backpack and big enough to fit some of my film cameras, some lenses, and some accessories.

I'll talk about my two typical setups at the end: one for hiking and another one for road trips.

Bronica SQ-Ai and 150mm f/4 lens.


I usually have with me the Bronica SQ-Ai and the Holga 120N. I don't use the latter as much as I thought I would, but I still like to have it with me. The Bronica of course, is my main camera.

Lately I've been carrying a 35mm camera, a Minolta XGM, to test some 35mm films.

50mm f/3.5, 80mm f/2.8 and 250mm f/5.6 lenses.


I recently purchased a 80mm f/2.8 lens, which brings my collection up to 4 medium format Zenzanon lenses for the Bronica.

The two I use the most are the 50mm f/3.5 and the 150mm f/4. Both pretty sharp, although sometimes when hiking on narrow and forested -thus, less light- trails I wish the 50mm was 2.8.

For my telephoto needs, I use the 250mm f/5.6. Even though I've shot it handheld before, I don't recommend it. It's a very big, very heavy, very slow lens. It produces amazing images, but it requires a tripod and some time to set the shot up.

Finally, I'd like to mention that I own a PS teleconverter 2x, but I rarely use it: the loss in sharpness is bad. But I've used it with the 250mm before to take photos of the total solar eclipse we had this last summer here in Oregon.


Just before the Total Solar Eclipse. Taken with the 250mm f/5.6 plus Teleconverter 2x, using a solar filter.


Bronica SQ-Ai Finders

The camera came with a prism finder that definitely helped me at first. It makes shooting with the Bronica a more familiar experience to what I was used to with 35mm / DSLRs / mirrorless cameras.

But I didn't buy a Bronica to have that experience, so of course I got a waist level finder. And I love that thing.

It's bright, the magnifier helps a lot when focusing, and it's easier to visualize the final composition when using this finder.

120 film back for the Bronica SQ.

Film backs

I have two 120 film backs, for many reasons:

  • I keep reading they are the weakest point of this camera and they might develop some light leaks with use. If one fails me, at least I'll have another one.
  • I tend to have both film backs loaded with film at all times, so if I'm out on the field and the conditions are not the best to take the exposed roll out and load some more film, I'm still able to keep shooting.
  • And of course, because it allows me to shoot two different films. Be it different speeds, film stocks, or even color and black and white (although I don't shoot color, I could if I wanted to).


I have 3 ND filters from Lee, the whole set: little stopper (6 stops), big stopper (10 stops) and super stopper (15 stops). I use them all the time.

I also have Lee's color black and white filters. They are red, orange, yellow and blue. I use them too, but less frequently.

To mount all these filters I use a Lee's holder. It's rather expensive but a nice change from when I used to hold my filters with rubber bands.

I have a cable release, but I'm not going to recommend it since it recently broke (again). I'm still looking for a new one.


I have a Manfrotto Befree. I didn't use it much when I was shooting digital, but I do now, all the time. And even though the quality could be a bit better (had to do some DIY fixes with glue here and there), I like the size and it's sturdy enough to support a heavy camera like the Bronica.

Common setups

What I actually carry with me in the camera bag varies a little big depending on the trip.

If I'm hiking, I don't usually bring the 250mm lens due to its weight. But I might, if I know I can take a good shot with it at a specific location.

If the place allows drones, then I'll probably be carrying only the 50mm and the 150mm, to make some space for the DJI Mavic Pro.

On a road trip, I usually bring everything. The drone doesn't fit so I bring another -smaller- Lowepro bag.