Shooting film in New Buffalo, Michigan

Last week, I headed just over the Michigan border to photograph a beach I visited 4 years ago in New Buffalo. But it's been so cold that the place doesn't look like a beach at all. It's a frozen world.

I made a big mistake leaving the tripod in the car, I thought I could always go back and grab it - but the "hike" to the beach turned out to be much longer than I anticipated.

Everything was slippery, and the wind chills were kind of brutal. I wasn't sure where the beach ended and where the lake began (I was checking the satellite layer in Google Maps to make sure I wasn't going beyond the shore).

I wish I had the tripod with me to take some long exposures.

I loved this trip so much (I've already written about it), I love how some photos turned out, and I'll be heading back there pretty soon, before it gets warm and the frozen world fades away.

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