Summer downtime

The summer is always a slow time for me and my photography. I don't like the heat, and it's just too bright out there. I usually take some time to finish old projects and start new ones, something I can't really do when I'm on the road.

This year, I'm taking some time to work on old images, prints and (finally!) 2 upcoming books. I can't wait to share what I'm working on with you.

I haven't gone on a photography trip for almost 2 weeks (if we don't count the morning I spent at Chain O'Lakes), and I'm starting to have withdrawals.

This doesn't mean I haven't been making new images, though. I always -always- carry a camera with me. So even on days when I'm spending time with family (say, the 4th of July), or days when the most exciting thing I do is going on a walk around town, I'm still able to photograph something.

These are some of the images I've made during the last few days here in Indiana.