Published my first book, new website, and I'm back!

I've been away for a while now, not posting on my blog / Instagram / Unsplash / you name it as often as I used to. I did not stop taking pictures though, and I've also been working on a couple new projects I'm very excited about.


Published my first book: Went West

This has been a long time coming project, my first book! Went West is a project I worked on for 3 months, and it includes some of the best photos I've taken since I moved to the west 4 years ago, in different locations across Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, British Columbia and Alberta.

Thousands of miles on the road, countless hours hiking and backpacking, lots of very early breakfasts and very late dinners, trying to capture the beauty of the American Northwest.

This booklet has a saddle stitching binding but I think the quality is very good. 76 pages filled with 5.5" square black and white photos. Grab your own copy now!


New website!

I think it was about time I had my very own website with all I wanted it to have. After a few different experiments with different platforms to figure out which one would fit me the best, I've finally settled. This will help me to:

- Showcase what I'm doing. The plethora of social networks we can post our work to nowadays is overwhelming, but none of them are customizable as a regular website is. I can show what I want the way I want. Yay!

- Sell stuff. Not only Went West but soon, more things.

- Host a blog. I've been posting on Medium for a long time and that won't change, but it won't be my main blog anymore. I'll be blogging here first and then copying some articles over to Medium.


I'm back!

Now that the book is finished and the website more or less ready to go, it's time to starting posting content out there! Expect to see tons of photos from me on Instagram and Unsplash, and new posts on Medium. And of course, new photos and posts here on the website as well!