American Road Trip Journal #11: Fern Canyon

Finally, a new episode of the American Road Trip Journal is here!

This time, I try a new format. You see, I did a pretty bad job at talking to the camera in most of the videos. I basically didn't talk at all: the footage I got is a bunch of clips that aren't connected by any story.

So I decided to "divide" the video in three parts:

  • at the beginning, I'll talk for a bit to introduce the place,
  • montage with the footage, music and showcasing the photos I took, and
  • me talking again, but this time having a deeper conversation about the shots

Hopefully this is helpful to both the people who are just interested in seeing the landscape and photos, and the people who want to know what I have to say -photography-wise- about that place, tips about how to photograph it, and mistakes I made that you should avoid.

But let's focus on today's episode, number 11 in the series: the Fern Canyon.

As you might have already guessed by the name, this canyon is covered in ferns. Located in the Redwoods National and State Parks in Northern California, it got some fame after a guy named Steven Spielberg choose it to film a scene for Jurassic Park II in this canyon. NBD.

We chose it because it's a beautiful place, and despite the long drive, worth a visit.

Be aware though: dogs aren't allowed on this trail. And I should clarify that this is not much of trail, since you will be hiking through the actual canyon, in the river, and getting your feet wet. Probably not a good idea to go there in the winter, when the water might reach dangerously high levels.

1-mile roundtrip (although you can get deeper into the canyon) and you'll be rewarded with a green, prehistoric looking landscape.