A beautiful sunrise in Pacifica, California

I knew I had to make an image of this pier the moment I saw it for the first time. I had to wait just a few hours for the right conditions, though, so I woke up early and drove to Pacifica just before the Sun rose.

It was a beautiful morning.

American Road Trip Journal #23: Valley Of Fire

After a month exploring California, it was time to move on and start heading east. On our drive from Lone Pine to Flagstaff, we decided to stop by the beautiful Valley Of Fire in Nevada where we spent a night.

I didn't take many film photos as I explain on the video, but rather just enjoyed the place and the experience of camping in the desert (just an hour away from Vegas, but it still feels like "the middle of nowhere").

American Road Trip Journal #19: Joshua Tree

As I've mentioned before, the week we spent in Palm Springs was a lazy one. I was planning on going to Anza Borrego (didn't happen) and spend at least a full day and night at Joshua Tree National Park.

At the end, I only spent a few hours in the park, and that was a mistake that I still regret today. Definitely somewhere marked in red on my list of places I "must-go-back-to".

With very little time, I spent most of it driving through the park and trying to grasp what it had to offer. I did walk through a Cactus Garden and went on a tiny hike to a nearby arch, but that's nothing in such a vast land.

This video showcases my two sunsets in the park and some photos I took over there. Hope you enjoy it!

See photos of Joshua Tree National Park.