American Road Trip Journal #12: The Lost Coast

Episode 12 of the American Road Trip Journal.

On this episode, I drive to the Lost Coast. Still in Northern California, and still on the same day - this happens after we went to the Fern Canyon.

The Lost Coast is a mostly undeveloped part of the coast of California. There are a few small, remote towns and not much else. There are some roads but they are pretty bad: it took me almost 2 hours to reach the coast from Eureka.

From there, you have miles and miles of coast to explore. You'll find some livestock roaming on private property you can't trespass, so don't expect to be able to go anywhere you want.

For that, you might want to head further south, where the road doesn't reach. The King Range mountains await you there: you can either climb them or hike along the coastal trail.

But of course I didn't have time for any of that in just one afternoon / evening. I barely got any time to spend there, but managed to take a few shots I'm happy with.