My 4 Tripods

I have 4 tripods. I'll use one or another depending on the situation and the camera I'm using.

Disclaimer: I'm not associated with any of these brands and I bought all of these tripods with my own money.

Phone Tripod

I bought this one at a physical store in Chicago (Camera Store Company) and I don't know the brand or model. This is the tripod I use with my GoPro, and I love it! Much better than my old Gorilla Pod.

I can't find it anywhere online, so I'll recommend this Manfrotto for your phone, GoPro or small compact camera: Manfrotto Tripod for phones.

Fotopro FY-583

This ought to be my favorite tripod ever. Designed for phones and very light cameras, the build quality is pretty bad and it's not that stable. These are compromises you have to make when you want the lightest and most compact tripod.

Before this one, I was using a Gorilla Pod, which I found unusuable to record myself operating the camera. It's just too short and the low angles were pretty weird.

The Fotopro changed all of that, and I believe that my videos are so much better because of this. I can show footage of me operating the camera now, as well as footage from the environment I am in.

The only option I had before I found out about this tripod was to use a "real" tripod. I bring a lot of stuff with me (vlogging gear, analog camera, digital camera, lenses, film backs, drone, filters...) so a second tripod wasn't an option at all.

I've used it for stills as well. It's a tripod you can bring with you even if you aren't planning on going on a shoot. It's a "just in case" tripod.

Fotopro FY-583

IMPORTANT: I just found out about a newer version of this tripod, taller and more stable, designed for heavier cameras. I will be checking out soon! I might have to change my recommendation for best vlogging tripod.

Fotopro FY-483

Manfrotto BeFree

This Manfrotto was my first "serious" tripod. It's a travel tripod so the main goal here is to keep it light, while still offering stability and good quality.

I bought it for my digital camera, and when I bought the Bronica I thought I'd have to buy a bigger tripod. Turns out, it works just fine with the beast. I used it for a year and a half in several National Parks and cities, in every weather condition, and it's just amazing.

I love it so much that my current BeFree is the third copy I own, after losing the first one and destroying the second.

Manfrotto BeFree

Manfrotto 055XPRO3

This tripod is incredible. The ball head alone is worth every penny, it's a true marvel. You can do very cool stuff with the center column, which can give you those angles you need for product photography.

I used it as my only tripod for stills for a few months, but I soon realized that it wasn't the best option for hikes and long outings. That's why I bought my thrid BeFree a couple of months ago.

Probably not the best option as your only tripod, but it won't let you down if you decide to go for it. Really, really good tripod.

Manfrotto 055XPRO3