Photography's days are numbered

Look around you, it's going to happen.

From petroglyphs and polychrome cave paintings, to the smartphone 40,000 years later, humans have always used whatever medium they had available to capture a moment, a loved one, a thought, a story, so they didn't forget.

The more advanced the tool, the better humans could remember.

Photography is the best technique we have today, and smartphones are the culmination of almost 200 years of advances in photography.

Smartphones will also be the ones that will kill photography.

Technology is about to create a whole new world of tools to capture our lives. I'm no Nostradamus, I don't know if it will be augmented or virtual reality or holograms or something else, and I have no idea what those devices will look like.

I do know this: photography will die within the next 10 years.

The day that technology is able to capture that moment, that thought, that loved one, that story, in a way that we can relive it like we were there... in an affordable way for most of the people... that day, photography will die.

Artists have embraced all the mediums to express themselves for thousands of years, and photography will remain as an art. Like painting, sculpture or the printed word.

Moms won't be taking any more photos, though.

Look around you. It is going to happen.