The conflict between the two sides of photography

Photography is a weird activity in that it involves very active periods of time, followed by stretches of inactivity.

The time we spend outside shooting will inevitably produce work that we'll need to perform inside: working either in the darkroom or in front of the computer, or both.

Finding a balance between these two sides of photography is not easy, and having a regular schedule is almost impossible. If your photography happens outdoors, you have to adapt to things out of your control like the weather.

I find myself being most inspired early in the morning, for both the action of shooting and the more inactive parts of photography, like printing / developing images, writing on the blog or editing a video.

That creates a conflict between those two different sides of photography.

I would love to have a morning routine where I sit down and write or edit, slowly sipping and enjoying my coffee. But when would I go out and shoot? Most of my photography is made at that time.

I also struggle switching from one side to the other: I find myself doing one or the other side of photography for a few days in a row, and that really shows on the side that I neglect.

On the other hand, I feel like taking a break from either side of photography is at times very good for me.

I don't know if there's an answer to this, maybe there isn't one.