The Holga is dead, long live... the Rolleiflex!


I've already talked about this on my YouTube channel and Instagram, but as part of the process of putting my own platform first, I also wanted to give an update about my "secondary camera of choice" here on the blog.

You might remember I picked up a Holga a few months ago as a way to shoot 120 film when the situation didn't allow me to bring the heavier Bronica along (think of long hikes or very cold temperatures).

The Holga wasn't for me, or I wasn't for the Holga. I still like the look of some shots, I always loved this one of a church in Leavenworth, WA:


It wasn't about its technical limitations, but rather about having fun shooting it. The Holga is a toy camera and it feels like shooting a toy camera. It's pretty much the opposite of shooting the Bronica, and not exactly what I was looking for.

I still needed (let's be honest: wanted, not needed) another camera. That camera had been there, in front of me, all this time: we had an old Rolleiflex we'd crossed off because the lens is very damaged and the photos looked pretty dull.

But we had tested it with color film only. I thought the camera deserved a test run with some black and white film. After all, it has history: it's been in the family for a few decades, but relegated to the shelf years ago.

I tried HP5 pushed to 1600 to give it some extra punch and contrast, as well as using some post-processing in hopes of making up for a dull lens.

The results were great, in my opinion. The lens still struggles with flare and harsh lightning due to the scratches, but it will make an awesome second camera otherwise.

Much closer to the Bronica than the Holga will ever be, and still very light and easy to carry!

I'll be talking much more about this camera very soon. For now, some shots I've taken with it so far: