Shooting film: "The last of winter"

Shooting film: "The last of winter"

Winter is over here in the Midwest. Sure, it's still cold (it went down to 20F this last night), but the white and snowy landscapes are gone for good, I'm afraid.

In this video, I drove to Michigan City at the shore of Lake Michigan in an attempt to capture the last of winter. I found heavenly conditions for photography and I made some of my favorite images here.


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Practice more by shooting less

Practice more by shooting less

The faster, the better. Or so it seems these days.

A few days ago, I was struck by a photographer telling people that in order to learn they should go out every day and shoot as much as they can. Then, they'd have to go through those few hundred photos before the day is over and select 1 or 2. Next day, repeat.

What this photographer seems to be missing is that photography is much more than taking a picture.

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"Examples of the PNW": my new free eBook

Examples of the PNW cover.jpg

I'd been wanting to write this book for a long time, but I always found an excuse to put it off. Now that I don't live in Portland anymore, it seemed like the perfect time to do so.

In "Examples of the PNW", I showcase 15 of my favorite images I made during my time in the Pacific Northwest. I tell the story behind them, how I made them, I give some advice about the location, and I talk about the post-processing involved.

I also thought that it'd be the perfect way to say thank you to the subscribers of my (also new) monthly newsletter. I intend to make this newsletter the link between this website and the people interested in my work, something I can control completely unlike social networks or other websites.

So if you are interested in getting this book (and many more to come in the future), or in signing up for a monthly newsletter about my work and much more, please follow this link.

Thanks for your support!

American Road Trip Journal #19: Joshua Tree

As I've mentioned before, the week we spent in Palm Springs was a lazy one. I was planning on going to Anza Borrego (didn't happen) and spend at least a full day and night at Joshua Tree National Park.

At the end, I only spent a few hours in the park, and that was a mistake that I still regret today. Definitely somewhere marked in red on my list of places I "must-go-back-to".

With very little time, I spent most of it driving through the park and trying to grasp what it had to offer. I did walk through a Cactus Garden and went on a tiny hike to a nearby arch, but that's nothing in such a vast land.

This video showcases my two sunsets in the park and some photos I took over there. Hope you enjoy it!

See photos of Joshua Tree National Park.