How to create a contact sheet in Adobe Photoshop CC


Working on the post Shoot the scene, and then shoot it again, and again, I found out how to create contact sheets in Photoshop CC, and I wanted to share this "discovery" with you.

Contact Sheets are a very useful way to look at and share our work. They are the best way to show the thought process behind an image, the steps the photographer took to get to that composition.

To create one, we need to have our images in one folder. Open Photoshop and select File -> Automate -> Contact Sheet II.


This is on a Mac, but it should be pretty similar if not exactly the same on Windows.


The dialog that shows up will offer us quite a few options to customize our contact sheet. Select the folder where your images are, and then play with the number of rows and columns, the spacing between them, and to show or not the name.

It might take a while to process all the photos, but at the end you should have something like this:


To make it look like a traditional contact sheet, you can paint the background black and use a red brush to indicate which photos you selected from the set.

Hope this helped!

America Untitled, by Adrian Vila - dates and locations

America Untitled (2017-2018) was born from my love for the landscapes of the American West. An admiration that pushed me to the top of volcanos and remote deserts, to hike hundreds of miles, to walk on frozen lakes, and beyond my comfort zone in the middle of snowtorms.

No matter how difficult or challenging a situation was, I always had a camera with me. I took amazing photos and videos; I made countless mistakes and came back with terrible imagery; I ruined cameras due to sand, rain and ice.

All of this was part of a learning process: over time, I developed my own vision, stopped taking photographs and started making images.

It was the beginning of America Untitled. Months of traveling across 25 states and a lot of hard work were necessary to make a collection of 46 images, a strict selection from more than 250 rolls of medium format film.

America Untitled exhibition, dates and locations

More dates and locations to come soon.

August 3-17 America Untitled - Casa da Cultura, Quiroga, Spain.
November 15-30 America Untitled - Casa da Cultura, Monforte de Lemos, Spain.

American Road Trip Journal #26: Baby Bell Rock

New episode of the American Road Trip Journal.

Still in Sedona, Arizona, Luna and I go on a hike to Baby Bell Rock. It is an easy, short and beautiful hike to great views of the amazing rocks and colors of the area.

I try to shoot some photos with my Bronica SQ-Ai and Ilford HP5+, but once again, I struggle to get good compositions in black and white. Color is just too hard to get out of your mind when shooting here.

Download the PDF of my new Free eBook "Lightroom CC Workflow"


After uploading a video about my workflow in the new Lightroom CC, I thought it'd be more useful for many to have those steps written down and well organized.

That's why I wrote a new eBook that I offer for free: "Lightroom CC Workflow".

Lightroom CC Workflow

How to keep your photo library under control and safe

You shoot a lot of pictures every day, you have a few projects going on at any given time, you upload your images to multiple social networks, to your website, you sell stock photos, you print your photos... among many other things.

Making a big photo library efficient for several projects is hard. Keeping it clean, tidy and, most importantly, safe, can be overwhelming. But I believe it doesn’t have to be.

Over the years, I’ve developed and refined a workflow that I use every time I make new images.

The goal of this workflow is to have a small catalog, easy to manage and browse, and unload everything that we don’t use elsewhere (but still accessible).

I sent a copy of the book to the subscribers of my newsletter a few days ago. If you haven't joined us yet, please consider subscribing to stay up to date and get books and other educational material like this one for free.

The book is published under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial- NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) license, so feel free to share with everyone you think might find it useful!