Shooting a Roman Festival: Arde Lucus

From time to time, I enjoy documenting life with my camera. Like this last weekend in Lugo, Spain, during Arde Lucus, a festival that celebrates the Roman and Castro heritage of the city.

These are some of the photos I took that day.

My new YouTube photography channel... in Spanish

I have a new YouTube channel. It's about photography, of course. But this time, it's in Spanish.

Don't worry, my channel in english is not going anywhere, and it will remain the main one.

Why have I created this new channel? Well, you see, YouTube has plenty of photography channels in english. Hundreds, thousands. You can lift a rock and find a landscape photographer. The market is very saturated, and it feels like whatever you do, it has already been done (and better) by someone else.

The situation in Spanish isn't quite the same. Yes, there are a few of them, but there's plenty of room for some more. While I hesitated to talk about some of the more technical aspects of photography on my main YouTube channel because everyone had already done it, I think that can make a bigger difference in Spanish since there's not as much information out there.

I'm still not sure if the content in both channels is going to be similar (for example, I will use the trailer above for the other channel as well), or completely different, or... but I'll figure it out. I do enjoy making videos and this will let me experiment and learn much faster. It will make me a better filmmaker and storyteller.

Feel free to visit the channel and subscribe.

American Road Trip Journal #24: Hoover Dam and the ghost town of Two Guns, AZ

It's been a month since the latest episode of the American Road Trip! Way too long, so I decided to fix that today.

In the previous episode, we camped at Valley of Fire in Nevada. This time, we drive from there to Flagstaff, Arizona. On our way, we stop by the Hoover Dam. And the next day, also in this episode, I visit the ghost town of Two Guns, near Flagstaff.

You could say this episode is a filler. Necessary to tell the story of our road trip, but not the best video from a photography point of view. I hope you still enjoy it.

Landscape Photography at Cañones del Sil (Sil Canyon)

Finally, I was able to get out and drive somewhere to shoot some landscape photography. This time, I went to the nearby Sil Canyon, a beautiful place just 25 minutes away from where I live now (and where I grew up).

Carved by the Sil river, this canyon is short but very spectacular. Its other attraction is also its biggest flaw: it's full of wineries since the sides of the cliffs are very good for grapes. On one hand, you get amazing wine. On the other one, the canyon has been worked for hundreds of years and it doesn't look as wild as one could hope.

I managed to get one image for sunset, but I wasn't too crazy about it. The next morning, and even though I woke up late for sunrise, I was able to make an image I was happy with.