Shooting my first roll of Ilford Delta 3200

I don't usually try new film stocks, I like the results my Ilford HP5+ pushed to 800 delivers.

I've been more interested in trying new things as of lately, though. After working on a few fun photography projects this summer, including infrared photography, I'm finally shooting different emulsions to see what I can create with them.

One I'd been wanting to try for a long time was Ilford Delta 3200. I shot a roll at the coast and back in town, to have a wide range of subjects.

The film was rated at 3200 and developed at 3200 using Ilfotec HC, 10 minutes at 24C. Some of the frames are too thin, while others were just fine. They all scanned pretty good, though (the thin ones have more grain).

I like it. I like the character, the grain, the tones.

Next time, I'll be rating it at 1600 to avoid the thin negatives, and will push another roll a little bit to test the limits of this emulsion.