The one and only reason why I shoot film

It's not because of the "film look" - I can achieve very similar results from a digital file.

It's not because it's cool - although this is a good bonus, who doesn't want to be cool?

It's not because it slows me down - you can be as slow as you want with your digital camera.

It's not because it costs me money, thus it makes me think twice before pressing the shutter - I do shoot more with a digital camera, but I'm merciless when it comes to delete pictures afterwards.

It's not because I like the smell of the chemicals - I do not.

It's not because I like to develop and scan my negatives - I don't mind it too much, but sometimes I wish someone else could do it for me.

No, it's not because of any of these reasons.

The one and only reason why I shoot film is because it's the only way I can shoot with my Bronica.

The experience I get while making images with that camera is unique, and there's no digital camera (under $50k) that can offer me the same.

When I shoot with the Bronica, I'm a better photographer and a better artist.

And this alone, is worth the effort and the cost.