The X Projects

Every once in a while, I have an idea for a project and work on it for a few hours or days. Then I realize that those images (or videos) I created don't really fit in with the rest of my work, and discard them. Well, not happening anymore.

Introducing The X Projects, a jumble where any weird, odd and probably wrong idea I have will find its place to live forever and ever.

I already mentioned project ii when I talked about my homemade pinhole lens for the a6000, but let me expand a bit more about the first two projects hosted in The X Projects everything drawer.


project i

Before moving out of the US, I decided it was a good idea to invest in some camera gear. Cameras and lenses are much more expensive on the other side of the ocean!

I got a good deal on a used Sony 70-200mm f/4, with the idea of using it for portraits (even though I don't take any) or more intimate landscapes (sigh).

A few months later, I realized I hadn't really used it much.

At the same time, summer storms were in their peak, and I spent quite some time staring at those huge clouds forming in the skies.

Until one day it clicked. 1+1! A new project was born, called project i.


project ii

Even though I made my homemade pinhole lens for a different type of work, I was so excited about using it that I spent a whole afternoon playing with old toys from my childhood, making images that wouldn't have been possible to make with a regular lens.

That afternoon of play became project ii.