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Downgrading my camera gear

I've been feeling a little bit uninspired lately. It's normal, everyone has highs and lows in photography.

When I struggle with creativity, there's one thing that almost always comes to my mind: camera gear.

"If only I had this camera or this lens... I could create something different"

I only recently realized that it's not a new piece of gear that I want to buy. I want a better version of myself, a better photographer making better images than the ones I'm making right now.

But it's not about the equipment we have, it's about the use we make of that equipment. A new camera or lens might inspire you to get out, but it will still be you who has to make the images.

A few weeks ago, I started shooting with my old Sony a6000. It's an almost 4-year-old camera, able to create beautiful images. It's always been a backup camera so I used to look down on it.

Not anymore. From now on, it will be my main camera for photography (digital, this is, the Bronica is not going anywhere!).

I also downgraded my 70-200mm big and heavy telephoto lens to the 55-210mm that came in my a6000 kit. The quality coming out of them isn't even in the same league and still, I've made more images I like with the latter. That's due to the size, weight... and also price. Being cheap means I'm more willing to risk it in rough conditions.

This kit should enable me to create most of what I want to create with my photography. Thinking otherwise has only led me to dwell and waste time looking at new gear.

Let's get out and enjoy what we have, let's get out and create something.

Biarritz: last hours in France

The French Road Trip is over.

Biarritz was my last stop after 40 days on the road. I wasn't planning on making any images there since I only had a few hours, but I liked the town so much that I couldn't not try.

Sony a6000 + Sigma 30mm f/1.4 in Roscoff, Brittany

We visit the small town of Roscoff, in Brittany, France, as I try a relatively new lens to me: the Sigma 30mm f/1.4.

Despite having the f/2.8 version, I decided to pull the trigger when I found a good deal on this one. 2 stops faster, but what else does it offer? Is it good for video?

Find out what I think about this lens after a little montage I made using the Sigma paired with my old and trusty Sony a6000.

Landscape Photography with a Vintage Lens and Sony a6000

Again, I got sunny and clear skies in the Pyrenees, so I thought it'd be nice to use a vintage lens that I'd been wanting to try for landscape photography.

The lens is a Minolta Rokkor 58mm f/1.4 mounted on a Minolta MD/MC to Sony E adaptor.

I shot it wide open and stepping it down. The results were soft when wide open but I love that look. It's a sharp lens when stepped down.

Still, the focal lenght when mounted on a crop sensor camera like the Sony a6000 makes it a less than ideal lens for landscape photography. And I mean, as the only lens. 90mm can be a very nice focal lenght for landscapes when you combine it with something else.

Below, you can see some of the images I got and that I show in the video.

The X Projects

The X Projects

Every once in a while, I have an idea for a project and work on it for a few hours or days. Then I realize that those images (or videos) I created don't really fit in with the rest of my work, and discard them. Well, not happening anymore.

Introducing The X Projects, a jumble where any weird, odd and probably wrong idea I have will find its place to live forever and ever.

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The best tripod for vlogging (and documenting your work)

The best tripod for vlogging (and documenting your work)

Carrying a second tripod for vlogging (or to document your work) can be -literally- a pain.

For the longest time, I used a Gorilla Pod, but I hated it because most of the time I’d have to place it on the ground. I wanted an extremely light, and yet tall, tripod to bring along with me and record myself in the field.

I think I’ve found it.

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