Shooting film at Larch Mountain

I'm still getting familiar with my new Bronica, so I've been looking for all kind of light situations to get to know it as much as I can. I also have a few new lenses to try!

Last week I drove up to Larch Mountain in the Mt Hood National Forest, road that was recently opened to traffic again. It's only an hour away from Portland and it offers not only stunning views of the Cascades volcanoes on a clear day but also frequent fog. That's what I was looking for that day, and I got it!

The first three shots were taken with my new 250mm f/5.6 Zenzazon-PS. I knew the shots were underexposed, but didn't want to use a lower shutter speed than 1/250th and I didn't have my tripod handy. I think they look good though. Noisy and grainy, but they have some character :) The last one was using an also Zenzanon-PS lens, 150mm f/4.

Two more shots, these ones properly exposed and using the 80mm f/2.8 Zenzanon-PS lens.

And the last one of this trip, taken on my way back home from Portland Women's Forum (a nice, easily accesible viewpoint of the Gorge). Again using the 250mm lens, but this time using a tripod.

Film used was HP5 Plus 400, shot at 400 and developed at home (Kodak D76 and Kodak Fixer) at 400 as well.