Where does "aows" come from, anyway?

This is a question that comes up every once in a while.

Years ago I decided that I wanted an email address like It looked cool, I guess.

otero wasn't available in any of the major domains, so I started to look for alternatives. I eventually found ws. This is the domain for the country of Samoa and I guess they weren't selling many because they started promoting it as an acronym to website.

adrian - otero - website

That was the idea. I liked it.

Today, I don't know of anyone using that domain in that way.

Anyway, about that time, Twitter launched and I had to get a username. I went for "adrian otero ws", aows. I loved how short it was.

Over the years, I kept using the same username in every social network and platform I signed up for, including Instagram. That's where my photography career started, and since I couldn't find a better / easier username I stuck with it.

And this is where aows comes from.

Photographers: it's 2018

If you make photographs for yourself and have zero interest in sharing your work with anyone, then skip this post.

If you are already sharing your work online, then skip this post.

For everyone else: you better start sharing your images online if you have any interest in doing something with your photography.

We can hate Instagram and Facebook as much as we want, but that won't change the facts: people spend a big part of their days online, on IG, FB, Twitter and the rest of the social media family. Yes, even LinkedIn.

Are you at a public place now? Look around. Not only are most people on their phones, you are too.

Want your photography to be seen? Stop waiting for people to get to you, you have to go to them.

It's 2018, after all.