American Road Trip Journal #27: Grand Canyon

American Road Trip Journal #27: Grand Canyon

The adventure continues! This time, I visit the Grand Canyon National Park for the first time.

Even after seeing the Redwoods and being at places like Death Valley and the Canadian Rockies, this place made me feel really, really small. An impressive sight, worth a visit.

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American Road Trip Journal #26: Baby Bell Rock

New episode of the American Road Trip Journal.

Still in Sedona, Arizona, Luna and I go on a hike to Baby Bell Rock. It is an easy, short and beautiful hike to great views of the amazing rocks and colors of the area.

I try to shoot some photos with my Bronica SQ-Ai and Ilford HP5+, but once again, I struggle to get good compositions in black and white. Color is just too hard to get out of your mind when shooting here.

American Road Trip Journal #24: Hoover Dam and the ghost town of Two Guns, AZ

It's been a month since the latest episode of the American Road Trip! Way too long, so I decided to fix that today.

In the previous episode, we camped at Valley of Fire in Nevada. This time, we drive from there to Flagstaff, Arizona. On our way, we stop by the Hoover Dam. And the next day, also in this episode, I visit the ghost town of Two Guns, near Flagstaff.

You could say this episode is a filler. Necessary to tell the story of our road trip, but not the best video from a photography point of view. I hope you still enjoy it.