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Download my latest ebook for free: "Long Exposure Photography"


Christmas is here, and it can be a wonderful time to try new things with our camera. Long exposure photography is a great tool to have in our arsenal, and if you haven't gotten around to play with it, then you might like my latest ebook: Long Exposure Photography.

I also uploaded the first of two videos about long exposure photography. They will cover pretty much the same contents of the book. Watch the first episode here.

Biarritz: last hours in France

The French Road Trip is over.

Biarritz was my last stop after 40 days on the road. I wasn't planning on making any images there since I only had a few hours, but I liked the town so much that I couldn't not try.

How I made these Star Trail images

It's been a long summer here in NW Spain. It feels like we've had nothing but sunny and clear skies for the last two months. I'm more than ready for some fall weather but hey, if life gives you sun and blue skies, you play with star trails.

This is what I wanted to show you in this video. If you've never shot the night sky, then this can be good to get you started. I talk about the gear you will need, and the software.

Hope you enjoy it!

How to get my new eBook for free: "Long Exposure Photography"


"Long Exposure Photography: How to make stunning images that defy time" is my upcoming new eBook. It will be released this Sunday, September 30th.

It will be a free eBook but only the current newsletter subscribers will get a copy, at least initially -it will be publicly available a few weeks later.

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Camera Gear and Equipment for Long Exposure Photography

Camera Gear and Equipment for Long Exposure Photography

This is the second chapter of a series about Long Exposure Photography. A new post is published every Wednesday.

Camera gear matters. And when it comes to Long Exposure Photography, it matters even more.

Whatever camera we use (it could be a phone or a 8x10 large format camera), we need to be able to control the shutter speed and increase it for extended periods of time.

The greater control you have, the better.

Now, there are still ways to shoot long exposures even if we can't control the shutter speed. We'll talk about those too.

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